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Free introductory session for all new clients

About Pilates

Pilates has proven itself for more than 80 years as an effective and safe method of exercise, when taught and applied correctly. It has been the workout of choice for dancers, gymnasts and fitness enthusiasts for decades. In recent years the word Pilates worked itself into the mainstream, the direct result of an intellectual property lawsuit in which a US federal court ruled the term “Pilates” generic and free for unrestricted use. Search engine results are now in the millions as numerous organizations have entered the market to capitalize on the latest fitness trend and individuals across the globe look to benefit from Joe’s unique approach to health and fitness. As a result, consumers now face extensive and conflicting information about what Pilates is, how it works and what credentials they should seek in an instructor. Joe was a genius well beyond his time, he didn’t just develop a brilliant approach to fitness that includes over 500 exercises; he also engineered all the equipment, specifications and tuning required to teach them properly. There is no debate that his original approach can work wonders when applied by a qualified instructor who understands how to develop and tailor a Romana’s Pilates workout specific to your body and capabilities. When applied correctly, it will make you look, feel and move better!

Services we offer

Free Private or Duet introductory session for all new clients!!!

Private reformer

Work out on reformer and other equipment, one on one with your instructor. Work out is tailored specifically to you. 

10 sessions…….$500

Duet reformer

Work on reformer and other equipment with your duet partner. Bring someone with you or we can match you with a client who is at the same ability level. 

10 sessions…….$400

Group mat classes

Studio does not currently have mat class times available but check back for the new year. We are hoping to add them back soon

When you work with a Romana’s Pilates instructor, you can be confident you’re getting quality and experience, not an instructor who achieved certification over the weekend or using a fast track approach. Romana’s Pilates instructors will teach you much more than just the mat; they will teach you using all the key pieces of Pilates equipment.

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